Carla’s Story

I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, sir,” said Alice, “because I’m not myself, you see.”

“I don’t see,” said the Caterpillar.

Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

I am a wife, mom, and professional musician.

I got my first pair of glasses for nearsightedness when I was in 4th grade. I moved to hard contact lenses for nearsightedness and astigmatism in 9th grade. Wearing contacts or glasses worked for me until I was in my early forties and noticed that it caused me strain to look into my young daughter’s face up close. For the next ten years I sampled a steady stream of bifocals, progressive Carla Sciakylenses, and even bifocal contacts, each of which I found inconvenient at best. I also came to realize I was never happy with how I was seeing the world around me.

In 2005 I stumbled into the world of Natural Vision Improvement. I took a long-distance web class from Tom Quackenbush and later continued my education with Greg Marsh. In the summer of 2008 Greg guided me through his first teacher training course. I followed up with a second course in the summer of 2013 and am now certified as a Natural Vision Improvement Coach.

The strongest prescription I was ever given was –5.50 and –4.50 (right eye, left eye), with an astigmatism accommodation as well, early in 2005.  The glasses I now wear for driving at night are the ones I was using just a year or two ago to read the computer (at 18 inches away), at –2.50 and –1.75, with no astigmatism correction. During the daylight hours, I can drive with –2.25 and –1.50. And I don’t use glasses to read the computer screen anymore.

Perhaps even more significantly, there have been qualitative changes in my vision.  My depth perception is greater, imbued with increased vitality and richness. Colors are more vibrant. I feel myself to be more connected with — or engaged in — the world that my eyes bring to me. It is truly thrilling, and almost hard for me to believe, when I compare it to where I began a few years ago.

As if that weren’t enough, my eyesight continues to improve. And beyond the obvious benefits of greater acuity, through this practice I have come to “see” the inner workings of my own mind — indeed, my “world view” continues to become clearer and more available to me. My sense of enrichment, pleasure, and well-being has grown with each step I have taken.