I really enjoyed my time with you. Not only for the new insights on my eyes and their immense possibilities, but because you are an excellent teacher with great analogies and stories to support the new lessons. I love practicing the eye relaxing and strengthening exercises. Some of the activities are childlike, which makes it fun. Many are relaxing, which feels great and reminds me I need to do more. Many of the activities deal with my thoughts and attitudes, which is always eye opening (pun intended). Thank you for expanding my curiosity and eyesight.”

Kris W.

My vision has improved by 50% in 5 weeks because of your instruction. I have a new glasses prescription and feel that I am well on my way to 20/20 vision. I am also 45 years old and do not need reading glasses. My reading has gotten sharper with the exercises that you have taught me. You were able to listen and adapt to my individual needs. I really felt that I had specialized treatment for all of me, not just my eyes. I know this is true because of an unexpected and dramatic disappearance of my migraine headaches.

My first day visiting you for vision improvement, I had the start of my weekly migraine. I had already scheduled the appointment and thought that I would have enough time for the appointment before the migraine became debilitating. The first session included relaxing techniques to help my near sightedness. By the time I went home I no longer had a headache. I didn’t think much about it until the following weeks when my migraines just didn’t come. At that point, I didn’t care if my vision had improved. My painful headaches were gone because I was learning to relax during my day to day activities. Thanks, Carla! I am healthier and happier because of you.”

Nancy A.

Carla Sciaky is a first-rate teacher of improved eyesight. Over the summer of 2008 I had a series of one-on-one workshops with Carla during which she acquainted me with the basic mechanism of sight, how light is interpreted as the physical world by our brain; the concept of correcting vision with glasses; and the holistic approach that opens up many more possibilities for improved vision than just glasses. I still use the eye relaxation exercises she taught me, and I have developed habits to give my eyes varied experiences. I have a few different pairs of glasses for different uses and have found increasing occasions when I can go without glasses and just enjoy my natural vision. I believe the variety provides ‘challenges’ for my eyes that help them stay flexible. Carla’s sessions ‘opened my eyes’ to the possibility of developing improved vision beyond the constraints of glasses.”

Jim S.