Frequently Asked Questions

People are forever watching things. They should be seeing. I see the things I look at. I am a see-er.

Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man’s Fear

When will I see results?

Some individuals have experienced instantaneous and permanent recovery during their first session! For most of us, progress is more gradual, with sudden sharper increases of clarity along the way. A flash of clear vision during the first or second session is quite common.

Am I too old for NVI?

No! At the very least, we can reduce your degree of strain and enhance your sense of well-being, which is nothing trivial. And if you will consider changing some of your habits, you can also reduce your prescription, your symptoms, or both. Small increments of improvement can lead to bigger ones.

Is my child too young for NVI?

If you know your child has compromised eyesight, it is never too early to try NVI. There are even things you can do to help your infant.

Once my vision improves, what will I have to do to maintain it?

In a word: relax. If strain is the cause of poor vision, once you learn to see effortlessly, you have established a new habitual way of employing your eye-mind connection.

I am skeptical. Can it still work for me?

It depends. Would you rather become open-minded and see more clearly, or remain a skeptical person who wears strong spectacles? Over the past century, NVI has helped countless enthusiastic and grateful individuals world-wide. It’s hard to argue with people who once needed glasses and now do not. They pass their driver’s license eye exams — without glasses. They read books, the newspaper, and restaurant menus — without glasses. They sew, garden, watch TV, cook, and do everything else — without the eyeglasses that were once a necessity in their daily lives. You can, too!

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