NVI Background

The question is not what you look at, but what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

Natural Vision Improvement is based on the work of ophthalmologist Dr. William H. Bates (1860–1931). During his career as an eye-ear-nose-throat doctor and surgeon, he successfully treated thousands of patients. People enduring everything from the common near- or farsightedness to conditions such as amblyopia, cataracts, and different forms of blindness were taught how to correct their own vision.

Dr. William H. Bates

According to Dr. Bates, strain is at the root of all dis-ease, including most conditions of imperfect sight. First curing himself of presbyopia (age-related farsightedness), he used several key techniques to help people release the strain they were employing in the act of trying to see.

Through the ages, scientists have sought to understand exactly how we see. Although we now have a growing understanding of the ways in which the parts of the eye and brain work, there remain unanswered questions, even mysteries. Early in his career, Dr. Bates noted that what he was observing in his research was not lining up with what science understood at the time. Through the remainder of his life, he continued to document his work with tens of thousands of patients, hoping to redirect the focus (pun intended) of his colleagues toward improving eyesight rather than correcting it through artificial external means.

The legacy of the Bates Method was carried into the next generation by a handful of devoted (mostly) non-medical followers, some of whom had close connections to the patients that were helped by Dr. Bates. Fortunately for us, there were enough people in the lineage from Dr. Bates to the present that his methodology has survived.

Since Bates began his practice in the early 1900s, many thousands of people have enjoyed total “recovery” from their vision problems and have thrown away their glasses for good. Today, as body-mind wisdom makes its way to becoming a household word, there are more NVI coaches than ever before. I am thrilled and honored to take my place among them, so that I can teach you how to see with greater clarity and comfort.

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